A ViiVid®is a real-time video clip captured within a collection of stories (Vantages) using Augmented Reality to signify the relative location of mobile phones, local points of interest, and other video streams available contextual to the medium’s position.

“Happaning is the only media platform that allows users to create, share and consume immersive stories through our ViiVid® (Vantage Video) technology.“

— Ando E, Founder

Happaning presented at ‘The 2019 Pitch UK’ final, qualifying in the top 15 of 400 start-up applicants, receiving endorsement as the event’s poster-child for the competition. Of the two awards presented on the night, Happaning won the ‘People’s Choice Award’. Having incorporated only a month prior, and patented their proprietary technology there is little competition evident in the UK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Realtime and Retrospective ViiVid panning about?

Explore live events from any perspective or immerse yourself in past experiences and enjoy Vantage Videos (ViiVids), as if you were there again.

How does happaning’s multi-feed work?

By synchronising multiple video feeds, into one unified field of vision, ViiVids lets viewers navigate seamlessly between vantages at will.

Collective creativity through shared interest

We encourage multiple viewpoints, bringing people together and helping them better understand each other’s perspectives through collaboration

No data allowance… no problem!
Our highly accessible platform lets you pan vantages directly (peer-to-peer) or over a mobile network (5G/4G) via an intuitive user interface.

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Happaning is our flagship social media application, built on our proprietary multi-Vantage Video (ViiVid) technology, representing the next significant innovation in media engagement.

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